No.1 of kitchen industry

We are WELLDI Co., Ltd. where everything you dream of in a kitchen exists!

Founded in 2006 as a company specializing in the distribution of kitchen supplies, WELLDI has been leading the domestic market with transparent, reasonable pricing of premium brand equipment and various hardware and accessories, establishing itself as the leader of kitchen supply distribution in Korea.
Instead of pursuing the image of being a premium brand, it launched a practical and convenient brand named “Delrose” as a means to gain affinity with housewives.
WELLDI leads the kitchen industry as the sales leader in the kitchen supply distribution business (560 stores nationwide), and its competitiveness in the kitchen appliance field is already widely regarded as the nation’s best.
Based on a variety of kitchen products and more carefully selected products, we will achieve our vision of being the market leader of practical kitchen supply distribution
Kim Young-goon, CEO, WELLDI Co., Ltd.